About Us

We are a niche chocolate company nestling in the foothills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, established in 1990.

It is our mission to bring to you our own finest hand-made chocolate. Everything is NUT FREE, GLUTEN FREE and the dark is completely DAIRY FREE too.  We are constantly trying to improve and extend our range recently introducing Rice Milk chocolate and oat milk truffles which can all be enjoyed by those with NUT ALLERGIES, DIABETES, COELIAC DISEASE, LACTOSE INTOLERANCE, VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS.

Most of our beans come from Ghana but we do small batches of organic beans from Columbia and other South American countries up to 85% cocoa solids for real speciality chocolate.

Our dark chocolate is smooth , not bitter, and contains 72% cocoa solids  Our milk chocolate containing 38% cocoa solids is rich and creamy as is the 30% white.

The Rice Milk is 45% cocoa solids, a half way strength between dark and milk but of course totally dairy free and therefore safe for anyone with milk protein allergies of for Vegans who want a sweeter taste.

Our range exceeds 100 flavours from fruit to spices, flowers to alcohol and intriguing combinations to excite any chocoholic.


Where we serve coffees, teas and thick hot Spanish Chocolate and you can taste any of the flavours we make.


Monday to Friday    8.30am - 4 pm

Saturday                   9am - 4 pm

Sunday                      10am  - 4 pm

Click here to read about Rosanna's experience making chocolate in Venezuela

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